Things to Consider Before Switching to a New Electricity Supplier

Back where we moved from we had about six or seven months of needing to run the furnace and then it was air conditioner time. Here, in Texas, we have more months of needing AC than we do any heat. However, it works out to about the same annual energy costs. I like it that we can review and choose an electricity supplier here. We started to look at Reliant Energy rates to compare against what we already had. The reason I am mentioning it is because you need to consider a few things before you switch.

Look at your electricity bill and see how much you are already paying for the per kilowatt hour rate. Then look at your last 12 bills to see the lowest amount of electricity you have used in a year. Then go and compare. Find a lower per kilowatt hour rate, and then check to see if your contract will have a minimum usage amount. See what that minimum is. It is measured in how many kilowatt hours you use during a billing cycle. As along as you have never went below the minimum, you should not ever have to worry about paying a fee for going below it. If you are just now getting serious about lowering your electricity usage, you might want to wait a month and see. Putting in all LED bulbs, unplugging chargers, turning off lights and appliances will make a dent in your usage.

The last thing I can think of to look at is to see how long your contract will be. If you see a lower rate while under contract, you will have to wait. A year is not a bad contract time period. That is about how long we would wait to look for a lower rate anyway.

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