Started Work on Fixing Up the House

We got the house, but now we have a lot of stuff that we need to do. If it had been in great shape we could not have afforded it, but this is a house that has been sitting for a long time with no work done to it. We have a sign that says Californias best home security, but there is not any monitoring program for the security system yet. I am trying to figure out when the roof was last fixed. I went up there to look at the satellite dish. I got a Directv package because the HD dish was already up there, but when I hooked up the box I realized that I needed to adjust it to get a better signal. From what I can tell this one tree used to be below the line of sight from the antenna to the satellite, but over the course of time it grew taller and now I either have to move the antenna or cut the tree down. I can hire someone to put the tree on the ground and then my Dad knows a couple of guys who would be happy to do the rest if I let them keep the firewood, which I obviously would.

The house needs a total renovation in reality, but the basics are what we are worrying about. The plumbing and the wiring are both fine, so that is good. The roof is probably not. That is bad and we just have to figure out how big of a hurry we need to be to do it. The kitchen is not awful, but it is way out of date and the appliances we have look pretty bad. They are this pea soup shade of green and we are wondering if we can replace the exterior parts in a color that we do not hate. Obviously that seems like a lot of trouble to go through.

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