Started Trying to Lose Some Weight Again

My issue is obviously self control, because I get a fair amount of exercise on the job. It is not like I am sitting behind a desk all day. I do spend a lot of time driving my truck or operating machinery, but I get a good deal of exercise slinging wood and steel around job sites. I do love to eat and so my wife has decided that I need something called bistro md coupon. I guess that is like nutrisystem or something, at any rate I am not sure that I really want to do something like that. The big thing is just that I need to push away from the table without going back for seconds all of the time. In fact I believe that I would be fine with my current diet if I could just stop at a reasonable portion size and not go back for more. I tried to blame her for being too good of a cook, but she did not find that terribly amusing though.

I have started to walk a bit and I got myself an exercise bike. I put it out in my garage and hooked up the old TV out there. So I just sit there and ride it while I am watching old movies on TCM and AMC. That is usually how I spend my Saturday mornings if I am not working out in the yard and I figure that I could build up until I have that bike on maximum difficulty. Of course I have plenty of stuff to do out in the yard as well and that qualifies as exercise too, so I have been more eager to get out in the yard and get a bit of work done there after I get home in the afternoon.

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