Purchase Comments for Instagram Account

I have this crazy idea for how to become famous using social media. A large part of the plan centers around Instagram because I think that so much can be conveyed with pictures. Since people will interpret things differently, a picture can reach out to many more people in many more ways than words can. But at the same time, words are important as well, and I want to buy Instagram comments for my account and the things that I post in order to help to build the popularity of the account.

I already have a modest following, but I think that it can get a lot bigger. I just to have to put in the work to make it happen, and in this case, that happens to include buying some comments. I don’t think that is a bad thing though, because everyone has to get famous somehow. Nobody just comes out of nowhere, you have to do something for it. My something is manipulating this social media site a bit.

It isn’t like other people don’t do it. I can’t imagine how many likes and stuff that politicians must buy on their social media accounts. Must be a lot, because some of those jokers would have zero followers or likes, or whatever without paying for them. At least, that is my opinion. Of course there are some nut jobs in this country that will support even the most outlandish political candidate. Sometimes I question the wisdom of democracy. But anyway, back to talking about Instagram. I am planning on posting some really good material here in the near future, and I think that it could get big, or help me to get big. But I need to have those comments in place first. So I need to go ahead and buy them right now.

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