I Just Got My Own Place

I just moved out of my Mom’s basement. I moved back in for about seven months after I got out of college. I was fortunate enough to find a good job, but of course that did not mean that I was going to be able to pay for a place of my own. At least it would have been really tough, especially when you consider the cost of living here in the Bay area. Then of course you have to pay for a San Francisco internet provider and I would want to have some way to watch live sports on TV. So I really needed to save up some money and get a bit of my student debt paid down. I figure that it is best to get as much of it paid down as early as I am able. Obviously paying it down now makes a disproportionate impact on the total sum that is going to be owed. At any rate I found two guys that I could trust and the three of us have rented a pretty nice apartment in a high rise building on the edge of downtown. It is quite expensive for what it is, but it is not that expensive relative to the cost of real estate in this city. For me the location made it extremely attractive, because I had been commuting for around an hour and ten minutes every morning. Now I take the elevator down to the lobby and walk to work in the morning. If the signals are cooperative I can make it to my office in about ten minutes. That is less time than I was spending to wait on the train in the morning. Of course that extra hour of sleep is worth a lot to me as I do not enjoy getting up at 6:30 in the morning.

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