Paying for My Favorite Shows

Cable TV is no doubt the first thing that I look into whenever I need to sign up for utilities at a new place. What can I say; I need my HBO and Showtime as well as my Internet service. I cannot imagine trying to go without the web when I use it as one of my primary sources of entertainment as well as employment. It’s no doubt that it’s expensive to have both but I’mm just not ready to cut the cord yet as my friends have been encouraging me to since I cannot get HBO or Showtime independently of a cable subscription.

It’s a bummer that my only option is actually paying so much for a package that I’m really nnot going to be putting to use but I don’t feel like waiting to watch the show on DVD and since I don’t believe in pirating things, I feel like it would be pretty wrong to do something like that just because I want to try and save some cash on a subscription fee. Continue reading

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