Vertical Blinds for Sliding Door

I want to get some vertical blinds to go with a sliding door. I do not think that horizontal blinds even really make sense with a sliding door, considering that horizontal blinds are raised and lowered, and vertical ones are slid to the left or the right. That is the same as a door works, which can be opened by sliding it to the right generally, and closed by sliding it to the left generally. Oh, actually it depends on which side of the door you are on, as to which way you slide it in order to close it, or open it.

My bad, I should have realized that in the first place, but at least I did realize it at all. I have made worse mistakes and not been able to realize my error. I am going to look up a good site to sell me this type of blind, because I have never tried to buy one before, but I should have got one earlier. Continue reading

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