I Got the Business Running Again

AMSLV offering high risk merchant accounts at an affordable price ...The banks are not really doing me any favors, but I have all of the ducks in a row and I am operating. In fact business is quite good. All of the people who have money seem to feel as though I am a big risk, but so far I am not really understanding what that is the case to be honest. The people who process the credit card transactions are the biggest bother, aside from the fact that I nearly have to lose money on the deal. They required me to use a merchant account for high risk sellers, which I have no real clue what that means. I give a discount if you use cash or a debit card, because I pretty much hate credit cards for very practical reasons. Any person in my position would see that the obvious fact is that the credit card companies are really taking advantage of small business people like me. You pay fees that come out of your profits and which benefit no one at all.

If things keep going so well for another few months I will be out of the danger zone and I suspect that the banks will get off my back and do their evil shadow routine on some other guy or some other small business person. It is not going to take long for them to get back on my case if things go bad though. I get the feeling that someone down there must have it in for me, because other wise they would not be so concerned with someone as small time as I am. They should be worried about some important people with big loans, although important people with big loans are not so easy to push around as the guy who is trying to stay above water.

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